A family business

The company was founded in 1967 in Budapest, in the heart of the 9th district by György Ranyák the eldest. Since then it it has been working as a family artisanal manufacture and has been handed down from father to son. The company is a party with successful professional history especially in the field of laboratory glassware. We are an approved vendor of numerous companies both on the national and foreign markets but we cater for individual customers as well. Thanks to our recognised experts, their capabilities, and our continuous improvement we are able to carry out almost any customer-specific project. Our commitment to the highest quality workmanship, on-time delivery and technical support has distinguished us among our competitors and truly made us a clear choice for over 3 decades in custom made glassware and preserved our leading role in the field despite of the recent economical changes.

  • The founder grandfather's
    first wing-beats

    Ranyák György the eldest at the age of 15 starts his career as a glazier in Pápa, Hungary.

  • Establishment of Ranyak Glass Technology's

    With 13 years of experience behind his back he gets on the path of autonomy and founds his own glaziery company in Állomás street, Kőbánya.

  • Passing on the torch to the next generation

    The next generation takes over the company's management ,
    changes it's profile and starts it's activity in the field of laboratory glassware.

  • Tompa utica 15/B

    A new workshop and shop are opened in the 9th district
    which up to now has been the headquarter of our company.

  • The 3rd generation at Ranyák Glass Technology

    The company once again is handed from father to son.
    The founder grandfather Ranyák György's grandchild carries out a global change in the company's identity, opens a new workshop and a showroom of high standards.

  • A new milestone

    The renewed company,
    installs it's own new generation oxygen-generator.

  • Acknowlegment both in Hugary and abroad

    Commences the conquering of foreign markets.
    Our activity is rewarded with the "Tradition Preserving Enterprise" Award.

  • Quality management standards certified by ISO

    The company is certified by ISO Quality Management Certification

  • Conquering the foreign markets

    The company's products become available in 15 countries

  • Acknowledment by the state

    At the Parliament Ranyák György general manager is handed over the honorable "Hungarian Product Prize"-for the nasal aspirator being which has been in the market for the last 21 years

  • Developments

    Ranyák Galss Technology invests in a new workshop and office building

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Certificates, acknowledgements

Our in-house developed and manufactured products are certfied by the Institut of Healthcare Quality Improvement and Hospital Engineering. In addition to that we are an ISO quality management approved company. The raw materials we use are also tested and certified with no exception. In 2007 our company was honoured by the "Tradition Preserving Enterprise" Award , and in 2014 by the " Hungarian Product Award".

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  • +36 (1) 216-2808 / +36 (30) 724-9040
  • +36 (1) 216-2808

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